The Lucky Country

Recently I’ve been performing The Lucky Country quite a bit, a beautiful show for high schools about post-war migration, written by Mick Devine and Tiffany Barton (with a little bit by me as well)). It features 6 wonderful female characters, and a couple of weeks ago I did a little showreel with a group called Cultural and Performing Arts Network (CPAN) to promote the show a bit further… the camera crew were falling over themselves laughing after each take, which was a nice endorsement! As a result of this shoot, I’ve been asked to perform one of the characters (Mimi, a Vietnamese boat person) at Liverpool Westfield’s Market Day, which features Vietnamese food, on Saturday 26th September. The show’s only about 10 minutes, open to the public, and will be performed at 12pm and 1pm. Feel free to come along and have a look!