Sunday Night Carnival on July 27 at 7pm

I’m singing at The Victoria Room’s Sunday Night Carnival on 27 July, and I’m so excited.
I’ll be doing The Habanera and The Seguidilla from Bizet’s Carmen, amongst a host of other exciting acts, including an aerialist, a trapeze artist and a magician.

It’s a gorgeous venue, and a really lovely way to spend a Sunday evening – even when it’s cold and dreary outside, it’s warm and delicious inside. You sink into the couches with a drink, sit back, relax and enjoy the free entertainment.

It was suggested originally to be me by a resident at one of the nursing homes I sing at, who is not elderly himself, but disabled, and awaiting suitable accommodation. I recorded the Habanera, screwed up the courage and emailed the booking agent and… voila!

Here’s a link to the venue (Level 1, 235 Victoria Rd, Darlinghurst), please come along, as it will be faaabulous!