104th Birthday Party, Presbyterian Aged Care, 12th March 2014

Today was the celebration of Fred, who turned 104 today. I came along to sing Happy Birthday and a few tunes, mainly in honour of Fred, who was wearing a great cap that said ‘104 Not Out’. Alex (who is a younger ex-resident who now has his own place, but I think comes back to see the occasional concert and say hello to the residents) came along, and declared this concert to be ‘even better’ than last time – even though I was by myself and only had a back-up tape for most of the operatic repertoire. It’s most gratifying to hear that! Anyway, it was relatively short and sweet as everyone was a bit fagged out over the birthday celebrations and cake overload. After singing Happy Birthday to Fred, one lady said ‘It’s my birthday on the 15th’ so I sang her Happy Birthday too. Turns out her birthday was the 15th of January, but who cares! I had a 96 year old heckler, who had clearly had too much cake, but took it in my stride… it’s all part of the fun!