Paddington Presbyterian Care, Melbourne Cup Day

Racing from a fill-in at Peakhurst for the Arts Health Institute to a Melbourne Cup Day performance at Presbyterian Aged Care in Paddington, I wondered how it would all turn out… Well, I should not have been anxious! I had a room full of beautiful elders who enjoyed every note! Three in particular – Bunty, who loved the wartime songs (We’ll Meet Again and We’ll Gather Lilacs), Ivan (a lovely Russian fellow, so we had fun singing ‘Kalinka’ together, after the show) and Roy (who recalled as a child going to the premiere of Swan Lake at the Tivoli).

It gives me such pleasure to connect with these audiences so intimately – something you don’t get a chance to do in your regular theatre or concert setting. It is delightful to see the smile on people’s faces, to hold their hands as you sing to them, and to see how much joy you can bring through music. What a privilege!