Montefiore Home, Randwick

Performed to a packed house of around 70 residents at Montefiore Home. With the space and capacity of the room (and the grand piano), I was able to put on quite a ‘big’ show, filling the room with sound and having a lot of fun moving in amongst the audience, especially with Carmen.

Such a wonderful, cultured audience, so attentive and appreciative. One particularly attentive gentleman, George, came up afterwards and gave me a copy of a beautiful pencil drawing he’d done of Andre Rieu. What a heartfelt and lovely gesture! I was really touched, and feel so lucky to be performing for these gorgeous people.

Fiona McCabe, the beautiful and highly talented accompanist, played spectacularly, and performed a wonderful rendition of Edvard Grieg’s Wedding Day at Troldhaugen.