Winter Songs at Bondi Public School

Winter Songs at Bondi Public School was a fabulous night of singing! Greg McLeod (Baritone) and I joined forces with Luda Tees’ cello duo, Aurora Strings, and piano accompanists Stephen Hirst to create an evening of magic and fun.

But don’t let me do all the talking, here’s some audience feedback:

“Many thanks for last night, it was such a great night. It was the first time I have heard you sing solo opera and it was magnificent. So impressive it really blew me away. The way you made the pieces come alive with humour and story telling was wonderful.” Julia, Bronte

“Eliane’s performance (melo/drama/comedy/introductions) was magnificent and Eliane and Greg
are a great act that surely has a great future.” Roger, South Coast

“We had a wonderful time.” James, Canterbury

“That wasn’t a performance, it was a tour de force!” Bernard, Canberra

“Oh bravo it was sensational. In fact it’s one of my favourite nights of the year.” Penny, Bondi

“Wow wow wee” Marc, Bondi

“Thanks Eliane for such any enjoyable evening for all of us lot.” Howard, Bondi

“Thanks so much to everyone for all of your efforts! What a fantastic and special night.” Sonia, Bondi