Writer/Performer: Eliane Morel
Musical Director and Accompanist: Daryl Wallis

Winner of BEST IN FRINGE (Newcastle Fringe Festival) BEST SHOW (Dubbo Fringe) and BEST 18+ SHOW (Young-Howze Theatre Awards), and nominated for BEST CABARET (Melbourne Fringe), Disenchanted: A Cabaret of Twisted Fairy Tales, is a deeply subversive take on fairy tales.  Sexy, political and ‘heartbreakingly real’, this show is definitely not for children. Described as a “raunchy, operatic Into the Woods”, Disenchanted is set in a Parisian Salon in 1699 and hosted by the vivacious Madame d’Aulnoy (a real-life historical character, with a splash of artistic licence thrown in) and features a host of disgruntled fairy tale characters, keen to tell their side of the story, and answer these questions and more: Why was the Wolf in Grandma’s bed? How does a golden-egg-laying goose find liberation? Are the Ugly sisters’ feet really that big? And what does this all have to do with the French Revolution?

Disenchanted: A Cabaret of Twisted Fairy Tales began its life at a dinner party organised by my niece, who at the time was 9 years old. She invited us to attend dressed as fairy tale characters, and sing a song or tell a story as that character. In what seemed like a magically short space of time, I wrote the song from the point of view of Olga, one of Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters. From there an idea germinated of creating a cabaret based on the stories of fairytale side characters whose stories are overlooked and who feel they’ve been misrepresented.

After a few songs had been written, I was looking for a frame for the cabaret and discovered something marvellous – the real-life ‘Godmother of Fairy Tales’ – Madame d’Aulnoy – the hostess of a salon in 17th Century Paris who coined the term ‘fairy tales’ (contes de fees, in French). So, that’s where Disenchanted is set – in Madame d’Aulnoy’s Salon.

Disenchanted debuted at the Sydney Fringe Festival in 2018, then toured the Far South Coast of NSW in 2019. Our tours were cancelled in 2020 but we created an online version, and thanks to our incredibly talented team (Daryl Wallis, Simon Dikkenberg, Hayden Rodgers, Merran Hughes and Mimi Worssam) this digital rendition of ‘Disenchanted for the Melbourne Fringe was nominated for Best Cabaret, won Best 18+ Show in the International Young-Howze Theatre Awards, and has been viewed by people all over the world (Adelaide FringeView, Melbourne Fringe, Denver Fringe, Dunedin Fringe)

In 2021 we have been touring – and winning more awards! We were so honoured to be awarded with the prize for BEST IN FESTIVAL at the Newcastle Fringe and BEST SHOW at the Dubbo Fringe Festival.

After a COVID induced hiatus, we will be back in March 2022 to perform 12 dates at The Garage International as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival:

1-4 March at 8.20pm

8-10 March at 7.30pm

12 March at 7.00pm

13 March at 4.30pm

15-16 March at 7.30pm

17 March at 6.00pm.

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Now catch it online!

Now you can view an exclusive performance of ‘Disenchanted’ online. Created for the Melbourne Fringe Festival and supported by a grant from Create NSW, this fantastic digital production received rave reviews, was NOMINATED for Best Cabaret in the Melbourne Fringe and WON Best 18+ Show in the Young-Howze Theatre Awards.


If you’d like to contact me, or to book the show, please feel free to email me at eliane.morel99@gmail.com

Some reviews of ‘Disenchanted’:

“Sexy and subversive, audacious and hilarious.”

“Pitch-perfect comic timing and vocals.”

“Fantastic, original, hilarious… with a frisson of risk.”

“I never knew I needed a raunchy, operatic Into The Woods. But I did.”

“Magnifique! Join the fairy tale revolution immediately!”

First two photographs by Andrew Worssam from the Sydney Fringe season
Remaining photos by Roger Stuart from the South Coast Tour